Cultural Resources

Introductory Information

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966, as amended, and implementing regulations at 36 CFR 800, mandate that federal agencies take into account the effects their undertakings may have on historic properties. During the Section 106 process, federal agencies work with Consulting Parties to identify historic properties within their project’s Area of Potential Effect (APE). They determine if projects will have an adverse effect on those properties and then resolve adverse effects through avoidance, minimization, or mitigation. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the lead federal agency for the purposes of compliance with Section 106 for this Project.

Consultation began on the project in October of 2014, in the ‘prefile’ phase of the project. FERC has conducted consultation (36 CFR 800.2) with federal, state, and local land-managing agencies as well as Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) corporations that own lands within the Project area. Additionally, FERC consulted with Tribes, Tribal entities, and other organizations and individuals with a demonstrated interest in the Project.

Documents of Interest

On June 24, 2020, the FERC issued a final Programmatic Agreement (PA), signed by Consulting Parties, that outlines responsibilities, requirements and standards for the Alaska LNG Project relative to cultural resources. The PA can be viewed here:

Programmatic Agreement

One of the requirements of the PA is for AGDC to develop a Cultural Resources Management Plan (CRMP) to support and guide compliance with the stipulations of the PA. The CRMP was provided in initial draft form August 17, 2020 for a 30-day review period. Comments on that draft document have been incorporated, and a new draft CRMP has been produced. Access the CRMP text (minus appendices) here:

Cultural Resources Management PlanThis document is provided as a third DRAFT, and final comments or approval is due by June 30, 2021.   PLEASE TELL US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PROVIDING FEEDBACK ON THIS DOCUMENT, OR PARTICIPATING IN CONSULTATION REGARDING CULTURAL RESOURCES IN YOUR AREA BY EMAILING CULTURALRESOURCES@AGDC.US, OR CALLING US AT: LISA PARKER (907) 330-6305 OR Toll-Free 855-277-4491.

Cultural Resource Survey Project Map (pages 1-35)

Cultural Resource Survey Project Map (pages 36-70)

Government-to-Government Consultation

FERC has the sole responsibility for formal government-to-government consultation. If you are interested in engaging with FERC in a government-to-government consultation there are numerous ways to contact them. These options include:

  • Email
  • Contact Tribal Liaison Liz Molloy, Phone 202-502-8771; E-mail
  • Contact Gas Tribal Outreach Coordinator Eric Howard, Phone 202-502-6263; E-mail
  • File comments/letters on the FERC Docket