Environmental Benefits

The mission of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) is to maximize the benefit of Alaska’s vast North Slope natural gas resource through the development of infrastructure necessary to move the gas to local and international markets. The Alaska LNG Project will result in significant environmental benefits through greater use of clean burning natural gas both in Alaska and throughout the world.

North Slope gas will be available to Alaskans through interconnections to the Mainline Pipeline that transects the state. One of the primary interconnections for in-state use will be to Fairbanks and the Interior region of Alaska. This area of our state does not currently have a pipeline supply of natural gas and has significant air quality issues from the combustion of dirtier fuel sources, particularly in the winter. By making a long-term and reliable supply of clean-burning natural gas available to Fairbanks, human health and air quality will be significantly improved for the residents of this region.

In 2021, AGDC commissioned a groundbreaking technical study which analyzed greenhouse gas emissions across the entire lifecycle of the Alaska LNG Project. This lifecycle assessment analyzed emissions from initial upstream extraction on the North Slope through gas treatment, pipeline transportation, liquefaction, marine transportation, re-gasification, and power generation/distribution. The results of the assessment were made available to the public in the report titled Greenhouse Gas Lifecycle Assessment: Alaska LNG Project. The report documents that use of North Slope natural gas will substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by displacing dirtier fuel sources that are currently used for power generation. Specifically, the lifecycle assessment indicated the Alaska LNG Project emits about 50% less greenhouse gas (shown as carbon dioxide equivalent) than the greenhouse gas generated by a representative Asian regional coal supply chain. Please see the Links below for more information on the Alaska LNG lifecycle assessment.

In 2023, AGDC commissioned a report with Bridge House Advisors, an ESG & Sustainability consulting firm, to evaluate how the Alaska LNG Project addresses environmental, social and governance issues. Founded in 2017, Bridge House’s workforce has extensive environmental and sustainability experience. The report is titled Alaska LNG Project: Supporting Domestic and Sustainability Goals and is provided in the Links below. Facts and conclusions outlined in the report were tracked by Bridge House to public sources.