LNG Facility

The liquefaction facility, located in Nikiski, will process, store, and transport up to 20 million tons of LNG per year using the Propane Precooled Mixed Refrigerant (C3MR™) Process, an Air Products patented technology. The innovative and highly technical facility includes:

  • Three LNG trains
  • Two 240,000 cubic meter storage tanks
  • Terminal facilities and marine services
  • Two loading berths to accommodate LNG carriers up to 217,000 cubic meters (Q-Flex)

Nikiski, Alaska Community Meeting, April 2018.  AGDC Vice President, LNG and Administrative Services Fritz Krusen joined by Dr. Keith Meyer, Manager Pipeline Engineering, held a community meeting to provide information about the layout of the Liquefaction Plant, Marine Terminal and pipeline construction.

Visit Presentation to view a presentation about the Liquefaction Plant and Marine Terminal.