The backbone of the project is an 800-mile, 42-inch diameter pipeline. With a daily capacity of 3.3 billion cubic feet, multiple compressor stations along the pipeline will help carry natural gas from the North Slope to Southcentral Alaska. Multiple interconnection points along the pipeline will provide for in-state gas distribution.

The pipeline will be constructed using proven and safe technologies. The design will minimize impacts to the environment, as the majority of the pipeline will be buried.

With the pipeline will come a stable supply of natural gas for Alaskans, ensuring they have access to a long-term and affordable gas supply for home heating and industrial needs. This economic resource will also drive multiple industries for Alaska including refining, and other industrial developments throughout resource-rich Alaska. The pipeline will transport North Slope resources to Nikiski for export to international LNG markets, ensuring demand and spurring new exploration projects throughout the state.

Details include:

  • 800-mile, 42-inch diameter natural gas pipeline
  • Multiple interconnection points for in-state gas distribution
  • Multiple compressor stations
  • 2,075 psig (143 bar) operating pressure
  • Average throughput of 3.1 billion cubic feet per day; maximum capacity of 3.3 billion cubic feet per day

Nikiski, Alaska Community Meeting, April 2018. AGDC Vice President, LNG and Administrative Services Fritz Krusen joined by Dr. Keith Meyer, Manager Pipeline Engineering, held a community meeting to provide information about the layout of the Liquefaction Plant, Marine Terminal, and pipeline construction.

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