In-State Natural Gas Supply

One purpose of the pipeline is to bring natural gas to Alaskans. Alaska Gasline Development Corporation is working to ensure existing in-state gas demand is satisfied and evaluating the feasibility of bringing natural gas to areas of the state where it’s not currently available.

Multiple interconnections along the pipeline could allow for future in-state deliveries of natural gas. Alaska Gasline Development Corporation is working with the Alaska State Legislature, local governments, utilities, and the public to identify the most appropriate locations for in-state gas interconnections. The state’s delivery plans may involve a phased approach with some facilities built during pipeline construction and others conditioned on future demand growth.

Moving gas from the mainline to in-state customers requires a combination of additional infrastructure: offtake facilities, spur lines, and local distribution systems. The cost of this infrastructure will be paid by third parties, perhaps the state, local governments, public utilities, end users, or a combination of these groups. To learn more about how to get natural gas to your area, click here.